Born in Sahara of Andalusian stock, this artist earned even in her youth the reputation of a medium and healer since recovering miraculously from childhood polio. In 1980 she settled in Versailles where she lives in a modest flat and works as clairvoyant and medium. For more than 15 years she has devoted her life to helping people, and many can bear witness to this. Indeed she has always known how to help people – her motto is “Always provide help and comfort”.

But on 2nd February 1994, something occurred which changed her life. “Luminous beings”  appeared to her and told her: “We are going to give you the power to create which will prove our existence…”. In a few months she found herself drawing several series of pictures, always using felt-tip pens on paper. “Concentrating totally, she draws, completely absorbed by her task. Sometimes she draws large oval forms where the pen seems to move gently on the paper; or at other times a group of lines are firmly traced like bunches of flowers, in a helix, a spiral, or zig-zags, or waves, everything amidst myriads of golden and silvery pearls. A beautiful fireworks display shows through incredible colours a source of infinite light and extreme joy: the vision”. This is how Laurent Danchin, art critic and French representative of the magazine Raw Vision, describes Marie-Jeanne Gil’s creations.

Many exhibitions followed: Chesnay Town Hall (1996), Ingres Museum in Montauban (1997), Halle St Pierre (1999). Newspaper articles tell of this extraordinary artist who does not want to part with any of her works as they are accompaniments to her own spiritual journey! Today, after 2000 pictures Marie-Jeanne is still drawing but her pictures are getting larger, so much so that she has been able to cover all the walls of her flat with them. What a dazzling sight for anyone who passes the threshold to a “celestial kingdom in the royal city” as she likes to call it.